Welcome at the chair of Experimental Physics IV – Solid State Physics

We are excited about how in some materials, exotic properties emerge and can only be explained by quantum mechanics. This motivates us to search for and investigate novel materials and quantum phases, striving for an understanding of quantum materials. 


Crystal growth paper published!

Our work on the development of a new container for high-temperature solution growth of alkali-containing compounds has been published in Crystals! Growing single crystals rich in alkali-metals is a challenge that was successfully tackled by Jutta Püttmann in her...

Registration open for “Blockpraktikum 503” this September

Our compact lab course (Blockpraktikum) on experimental solid state physics will take place also this year in September, 18.9.2023-29.9.2023. The participants will grow their own single crystals from a high-temperature metallic flux and characterize their obtained...

New website online!

After a long wait, our new website is finally online. With a combination of useful information, news and entertainment, it will accompany us in our growing research, teaching and all other endeavors. Thanks to everyone who was envolved in the process of getting it...


Prof. Dr. Anna Böhmer
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Experimental Physics IV – Solid State Physics
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